The strategy of tourism development for Słupsk has been completed

 The consortium of landbrand sc and PART SA has completed work on the strategy of tourism development for Słupsk. The document was presented to the City Hall authorities on 12th October 2008. The consortium was represented by landbrand C.E.O. Hubert Gonera and by the president of PART Investments Jarosław Szegidewicz.

Created strategy places Słupsk in a demanding situation of having a significant role in cultural tourism in Pomeranian. The product mix of the city bases on its chief assets which build prominent tourist products. Prominent touristic products are:

  • The idea of two-cities Słupsk?Ustka.
  •  The output of avant-garde artists who are important for the city: Witkacy (the biggest collection of portraits in the world) and Otto Freundlich ? the citizen of Slupsk ? forerunner of abstract art.
  • Prewar legacy of Słupsk- connected with reforms of a global post office, Henrichem von Stephanem, culinary heritage and art nouveau.
  • Traditions of the city connected with air techniques, the development of renewable energy and U.S. anti-missile shield.

Creation of the project team was highly assessed by the Mayor of the City of Słupsk. Maciej Kobyliński described the document as a demanding task but real to implement. The strategy was also presented to Councilors and to the members of Słupsk business board.