Promotional movie for ?Słupia Basin Partnership? Foundation (Fundacja Partnerstwo Dorzecze Słupi)

On 24st of April 2015 our company took part in gala summative putting the Local Strategy of Development of ?Słupia Basin Partnership' Foundation (Fundacja Partnerstwo Dorzecze Słupi). Gala took place in ?Albatros cinema in Bytów where visitors could see premiere of new promotional movie produced by Landbrand. The clip shows examples of 19 projects that have been realized by beneficiaries of the 'Słupia Basin Partnership' Foundation as a part of LEADER PROGRAMME (PROW 2007 - 2013). Movie directed by Mateusz Pleskacz you can see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOqahQhtjh0&feature=youtu.be