The conference recapitulating the project for Bialystok

The conference summarizing  the project, which was contracted by Białystok City Government and carried out by landbrand, took place on 8th June 2009 in Café Eperanto in Białystok. The mayor of the City of Białystok  Tadeusz Truskolaski, the secretary of Bialystok Krzysztof Marek Karpieszuk, and the director of promotion and economic development Tomasz Buczek took part in the conference. The meeting was chaired by Hubert Gonera ? landbrand C.E.O.

Results on the new tourist products of Białystok including Esperanto, Multiculturalism and Culinary,  developed since march 2009, were presented at  the conference. The Urban tourism product ?Białystok Esperancki? is based on touristic route: ?Esperanto and its many cultures trail? is a notable effect of landbrand consultants. A website, flyers about touristic trail and a promotional gadget ?esperanto bjalistoko?  have appeared as a result of the project. 

Realisation of landbrand is a part of the project ?Promotion of Podlasie through the development of the brand of Bialystok, stage 1?. The project is co-financed by EU funds from European Regional Development Found as a part of Regional Operational Programme in Podlasie Region in 2007-2013.

After the conference, there was a short walk with the mayor of Białystok and the media to the attractions located on the designed trail.